Italian Nut Crumbs Encrusted Eggplant Ricotta Grilled Pizza

Who doesn't love pizza? The only thing tastier than pizza is pizza on the grill! This recipe is easy. delicious, and the perfect way to wind down from summer. Here are your ingredients...

Italian Nut Crumbs
Ricotta Cheese
Fresh Basil
Pizza Dough
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
2 Eggs
1/4 c. Almond Milk
2T. Butter
Salt & Pepper
Balsalmic glaze (optional)

To prep for this want to make sure all your pizza toppings are cut and ready to go for when the dough hits the grill.

Prep Work:
Peel and slice eggplant long ways so that it is cut into thin strips. Whisk together eggs and almond milk and dip slices of eggplant in the mixture. Pour out 1/2 c. Italian Nut Crumbs onto plate and coat each piece of eggplant on both sides. Add a few tablespoons of EVOO to a skillet with 2T of butter and turn on medium high heat. Once hot, place eggplant in the pan, cook for 2 minutes and turn over, cooking for an additional 2 minutes. Place cooked eggplant on papertowl to absorb excess grease from the oil. 
Cut fresh basil into pieces.
Roll out pizza dough on a floured flat surface. Usually the dough rolls out best when it's room temperature. If you buy store bought pizza dough, open the package and let sit out for 20 minutes before rolling out. 
Now it's time to heat up the grill! Turn your grill on high and shut the lid so that it gets really hot!
Place all your pizza toppings on a cutting board and bring out to the grill. Once the dough starts cooking on the grill, it cooks very quickly, so it's important to have everything you need right there.
Once grill is hot, open the top and place the rolled out dough on the grill.
The pizza dough will start to bubble up. Once you start seeing big bubbles form, break the bubbled with a spatula and flip the dough over.
Once the dough is flipped its time to quickly top the pizza! Drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. Place the eggplant on the pizza dough.
Spoon out the ricotta cheese and place all over pizza.
Close grill and let cook for no more than 1 minute. Throw on some fresh basil and remove from the grill. Drizzling this delicious masterpiece with some balsalmic glaze is also a fantastic idea. To order the Italian Nut Crumbs click here
Slice up the pizza, grab a glass of wine and enjoy!



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  • his looks So amazing! I have only recently discovered that I love butternut squash! I was scared to try it after multiple attempts to like spaghetti squash were made, I just do not like spaghetti squash! But I have a cousin who’s tastes are completely different from mine and she loves spaghetti squash and hates butternut, so I had to give it a try and Yum!!!
    rose martine

    Rose Martine on

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