Original Nut Crumbs Encrusted Shrimp Tacos

So it's Taco Tuesday, and you are CRAVING the perfect fried shrimp taco, but then you just remembered...you're eating clean. What do you do? You make these bad boys!

Here is your shopping list...


Original Nut Crumbs 
Almond Milk
Green Onion
Butter Lettuce
White Onion
Garlic clove
Majestic Garlic's Jalepeno Garlic Spread (Optional)
Make sure your shrimp are peeled, de-veined and clean! Make an egg and almond milk binding concoction with a few eggs and a splash of almond milk. Take the raw shrimp and dunk in the egg mixture then dredge in Nut Crumbs. 
Heat up coconut oil in skillet. (You can substitute with the oil of your liking.) Once oil is hot, place Nut Crumbed shrimp in the pan. Cook a few minutes then flip the shrimp over to cook the other side. Make sure oil temp stays between medium and high for the best results. Once shrimp are cooked on both sides, place on cooling rack (or paper towels.)
Mix up some guacamole to serve on the side. Take your avocados and mash them up with some chopped white onion, a garlic clove or two, chopped tomato, and s&p. 
Lay out your butter lettuce and top with the fried shrimp. A dallup of the Majestic Garlic spread adds an extra zing to these beauties. Top with some chopped green onion and enjoy...without the guilt.
Need a margarita to get your #tacotuesday on? Mix some tequila, agave nector, fresh squeezed limes, and a splash of sparking water together and pour. 

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