Stuffed artichokes are one of the best appetizers out there. They are slightly time consuming to make, but so worth the effort! This Italian Nut Crumbs version of stuffed artichokes is keto friendly, whole30 (if you forego the butter), paleo, and gluten-free...and most of all, out of this world delicious!

2 medium artichokes
4 cups water
2 tsp olive oil
2 cloves garlic, crushed
3/4 cup Italian Nut Crumbs (Spicy & Original would be delicious too!)
1/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese
2 T grass fed butter

Start by cutting the stems and the tops off the artichokes.
Use scissors to cut off the tips of the leaves. 

Grab a large pot and fill with 4 cups of water, placing the artichokes upside down. Boil for 12-14 minutes.

Remove the chokes from water and set aside to cool. While they are cooling, it's time to get the stuffing going!

In a small sauté pan, heat your oil and butter and saute the garlic on a low heat (do not brown or burn!) until softened. Turn heat down to low and add Nut Crumbs and cheese. Mix well and remove from heat.

Place artichokes in a baking dish and make sure they are a tight fit, so that they don't fall over in the oven. Stuff every single leaf, and try to get the stuffing down to the base of the artichoke as much as possible. 

Fill the bottom of the baking dish with 1/4 c. water  and cover with aluminum foil. **Make sure you cover. If you don't, the cooking time will be much longer, as the artichokes need to be steamed to get tender.

Bake for 40 minutes at 350° . Remove the foil the last 10 minutes so that the Nut Crumbs can get nice and toasty!

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